Synchromysticism and Synchromystics: Exploring Synchronicity in Pop Culture Esoterica


Synchromysticism and Synchromystics: Exploring Synchronicity in Pop Culture Esoterica

Welcome to Synchromystics!

Synchromysticism – “The drawing of connections in modern culture (movies, music lyrics, historical happenings and esoteric knowledge); and finding connections that could be coming from the “collective unconscious mind“; and finding connections between occult knowledge (i.e. esoteric fraternities, cults and secret rituals), politics and mass media.”

This blog and the accompanying forum  are  places to learn more about synchromysticism and to share the synchromystic experiences we encounter in our holographic universe, as well as to discover the nature of the pop culture industry, the roles we play as consumers, and how this may be played out in the universal theater that most call “reality.” As we learn together, may we effect positive, dynamic change in the world with our gifts and love. Free from the limits of what we are told is acceptable…

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Resonance: Beings of Frequency (documentary film)

Resonance: Beings of Frequency (documentary film)

In the much overdue discussion in regard to where the bees are going, information continues to emerge. Is it thanks now to the “Monsanto Protection Act” (e.g., pesticides, suppressed research), other factors, or some combination?

In addition to looking at how cell phone use is linked to cancer and other health problems in humans,  “Resonance” looks also at the role of cell phone tower transmissions in relation to the disappearance of bees.

What is Schumann Resonance?

In 1899, a scientist and inventor named Nikola Tesla was performing energy experiments in Colorado Springs, USA, when he discovered that the Earth had a resonant frequency of approximately 8 Hz. Sadly, Tesla was ahead of his time. His discovery was documented, but it was not proven, and wouldn’t be for almost half a century.

Nearly 50 years later, in 1953, Professor W.O. Schumann of the University of Munich was teaching his students about the physics of electricity when they discovered that the Earth’s cavity produces very specific pulsations. They’d stumbled on the vibrational pulse of the planet Earth. In 1954, scientific tests confirmed that, indeed, the planet Earth resonates at 7.83 Hertz, which was dubbed “Schumann Resonances” in honor of the man who provided the proof…

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English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illin...

English: A cell phone tower in Palatine, Illinois, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)